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This is a practical aid to develop creativity and imagination among children. It consists of a set of seven shapes cut out from a square. The cut outs are shown in the diagram.

It Contains the following Pieces:-

2 Big Triangles
1 Medium  Size Triangles
2 Small Triangles
1 Square
1 Parallelogram.

This aid could be used for:

1. Familiarising children with shapes such as triangles, squares and parallelogram.

2. To develop the imagination and creativity

3. To familiarize with concept of area and bringing out new ideas based on their own discretion.

Objective:- To familiarize the children with the different shapes and objectives developed with the use of  TANGRAM

Method:- The teacher/parents separates the seven pieces.

He/She take one triangle in his/her hand and show it to the children. Either he/she explains to them that this is called a triangle or ask the children to show one triangle from their set of educational Tangram, by showing the different sizes of the triangle. Now show some of the other shapes and bring out the distinctions in the triangles and the other shapes. Discuss the properties of different shapes such as  the number of sides and the corners. Relate the triangular shape with triangular objectives in the class, outside the class or at home. The above procedure can be repeated for square and parallelogram also. The following activities  will internalize the properties of some of the geometrical shapes.

How to play  Educational Tangram:-

Rules are very simple to follow and can be played with the help of the solution booklet.


1. All the seven pieces must be used to form the different shapes shown in the booklet

2. The pieces should be placed next to each other and not overlap the other piece.

Brand Marbles
Product Name Tangram
Material Plastic
Age 5+Years
Box Dimensions 28.0cm x 14.50cm x3.5cm

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