Annie Solar Robot

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As lots of Tin Cans, Water and Soft Drink Bottles are wasted daily, Justly to use one of them to make a useful toy for yourself. This Kit will help the children to learn how the waste material can be converted into useful and innovative things. With the help of this kit children will learn to convert waste empty tin cans, Water Bottles and Soft Drink Bottles into useful toy Solar Robot. Can and Bottle are not included in this kit. Just arrange any waste empty Can or Water/Soft Drink Bottle and assemble all parts easily in accordance with the instructions provided and see how the solar panel generates power to run this Solar Robot you have made.


  • One Ready to use pre-pinted Card Board Robot Template.
  • One Plain Card Board Robot Template for children to make their own design.
  • Two stickers to decorate your can and Bottle Robot.
Brand Annie
Code 00073
Product Name Solar Robot

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