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Product Code: SC00025
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The kit will inspire the children to improve their ability of using hands and brains and enhance their faith in protecting the environment by using free and eco-friendly renewable energy, While they create a toy. This newly developed solar train kit enables children to assemble all the parts together in accordance with the instruction provided to make motor driven toy train powered by solar energy. Children will learn how solar (Sun) energy is used to drives small motors and enhance their faith in protecting the environment by reducing the carbon dioxide emission. This kit will help children in improving their science knowledge, mental and practice ability while assembling the toy


  • Engine
  • Carriage
  • Caboose
  • Sticker
  • Solar panel
  • Motor
Brand Annie
Code SC00025
Product Name Solar Train
Material Plastic
Age 10+ Years
Box Dimensions 24.0cmx24.0cm x5.8cm

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