Annie Wind Power Car

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Product Code: SC00009
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Wind Power Car will always move in forward direction irrespective of wind direction.

Wind Power is the conversion of wind energy into a some other useful form of energy. Wind energy is the kinetic energy associated with the movement of atmospheric air. When air moves, causing wind, it has kinetic energy. With the right technology, the wind's kinetic energy can be captured and converted to other useful forms of energy  such as electricity or mechanical power. In this car, kinetic energy is generated by the wind blowing and rotating large blades. A drive shaft connects the to a power plant where kinetic energy is converted to some another form of energy which causes the the car to propel.

  • Easy to assemble as no tools are required to assemble .
  • No Batteries required to run the car.
  • Children will learn the new form of clean energy
  • Safe, Eco Friendly, Educational and fun for whole family
  • Perfect for school Projects


  • 2 big gear,
  • 2 small gear,
  • 2 long hexagon shaft,
  • 2 small hexagon shaft,
  • 4 propeller,
  • 1 tail, stickers to decorate
  • Detail Instruction Manual Inside.
Brand Annie
Code SC00009
Product Name Wind Power Car
Material Plastic
Age 10+ Years
Box Dimensions 26.0cmx31.0cm x5.0cm

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