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About the company - Indian Model Makers

Indian Model Makers was founded on the year  1981 From its humble beginnings they have consistently strived to provide value, quality and efficient service to industry. Through the passion of the company individuals they mastered in the domain of Educational, Scientific, Science Projects, Museum Quality Working and Static Model specialising in area of Designing and Fabrication

From the day of inception to today, Indian Model Makers have designed, developed, manufactured and supplied varied models in working and static for Government, Non-government, Private, Personal and Foreign organisations

Indian Model Makers are also specialised in Aero-Models  domain gaining excellent craftsmanship experience over Space related models, Model Aeroplanes, Launch Vehicles and Satellite Models.

Indian Model Makers takes great pride by being associated with ISRO  Indian Space Research Organisation for the past 35 years (since 1981) prototype of their models when required. Also in the year 2003, Indian Model Makers had been given a great and rare opportunity by signing a MoU to set up a place inside their organisation to design, produce, market and sell Space-related models, Astronomical aids & Equipments , Teaching aids etc.,

Below are list of Indian Model Makers valued customers who are been a part of their growth since 1981

  1. Indian Space Reach Organisation, India (ISRO)
  2. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL), India
  3. Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), India
  4. National Institute of f Ocean Technology (NIOT)
  5. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) Bangalore, India
  6. Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum (VITM) Bangalore, India
  7. Tamilnadu Science and Technology Center (TNSTC) Chennai, India
  8. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Service (INCOIS) Hyderabad, India
  9. ICO Global Communications, United States of America

With improvement and growth in technology, customers interest, childrens awareness and educational institutions curriculum, Indian Model Makers have added more spheres of domains to their expertise, they are:

E-commerce :- Selling of Science Kits, Static Models, Remote Controlled toys, Microscopes, Telescopes and Educational games, Educational aids.etc., Tailor Made Corporate Gifts ,

Developments assisting for Science Projects:- Currently Indian Model Makers are developing Science Projects model kits and Craft Kits supporting Primary and Secondary schools. Please contact us on 0091 (0) 80 25210448 or write us an email to contacus@indianmodelmakers.com

  •   Indian Model Makers capabilities - Proficient in conducting an activity for a class of 30 students and above
  • Indian Model Makers subjects expertise - Aero modelling, Science Fair projects, Simple Models, Model Rocketry and Wooden projects

Aeromodelling Tuition:- Personal tuitions are available for aspiring learners who are passionate in flying their aircraft and making the sky their limits. Please contact us on 0091 (0) 044 28440502, Mb:-9845710448 or write us an email to contacus@indianmodelmakers.com


Shri (Mr.) P.Ravindranatha Guptha - The Founder, Proprietor, Designer and Book Collector

P. Ravindranatha Guptha started his modest career working for

  • Hydraluics (Unit of standard Motors) Chennai,
  • CSD (Defence Canteen) Bangalore,
  • Sleepa Matress (Furniture , Manufacturing ) Chennai .

Company in the year for 1981 years. During his tenure of fervent dedication towards his job and employer he discovered his inner passion of model making. With good terms in employment he resigned his job to follow his dreams, passions, and interest and established Indian Model Makers in the year 1981. To support his vision and zeal Shri (Mr.) Kakarla Radhakrishnan Chetty financed his first venture as well as subsequent ventures.

P. Ravindranatha Guptha enriched his knowledge in model making and further expanded his skills in the area of Static and Working models. He has been associated with Government, Private, Personal and Foreign clients fulfilling their unique requirements and satisfying his discovered and everlasting passion

P. Ravindranatha Guptha is a leader with good vision who utilised the technology prevailing of times and started communicating with prestigious organisations likes of Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM), Dept. Of Atomic Energy, Bharat Heavy Electricals, BEL, Bangalore, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) who responded positively and supported his career by placing orders for various types of Static and Working models

P. Ravindranatha Guptha is also a man of varied knowledge, skill, craftsmanship and an artisan

As a book collector � His library of books is wide and varied collection covering subjects of Aero Modelling, Science and Technology, Ship Modelling, Architectural Modelling, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Bird Houses, Recipes, Astronomy, Ocean Technology, Arts, Literature, Do It Yourself (DIY), Hobby Development, Weekly Magazines, Wood Working, Carpentry and Gardening. The collection of books also enriched his skill in model making .

A number of books are relatively old and therefore rare in nature

As an Aero-modeller :- P. Ravindranatha Guptha is an enthusiastic student and keen learner of many subjects. He gained the knowledge and skill in Aeromodelling from Shri (Mr.) P. Shantha Narasimha Guptha a well-known Aero Modeller of time and age in the year 1955. With learned skill P. Ravindranatha Guptha have participated in competitions and won price of that era

His friends and colleagues describe him as charismatic figure - calm in attitude and love for all, principled person.

For more information or help required in Model making or Book collection or Aero-modelling, Product Designing & School science Projects. please contact him on 0091 (0) 044-28440502 or write him an email at indianmodelmakers_1981@yahoo.com


Shri (Mr.) P.R.Narasimha Guptha - The Manager, Aeromodeller and Teacher

 P. R. Narasimha Guptha is the heir of Shri (Mr.) P. Ravindranatha Guptha. He has passionately followed the legacy of family-acquired skill in model making and further expanded with wholesale and retail business. He has assisted Mr. P. Ravindranatha Guptha with sheer commitment, passion, respect and professionalism and enabled their company to make their mark in Model Making industry and . He has been in the field of Model Making, wholesale and Retail Business and Aero Modelling teaching for the past 20 years

Being born in the family of Aero-modellers and Model Makers he ardently learned the skill of Remote Control Model Flying from Shri (Mr.) P. S. N. Guptha and Captain Shri (Mr.) P. Vijay Prasad Guptha who are pioneers in the field of Aero-modelling for the past 40 years

As an Entrepreneur :- P. R. Narasimha Guptha has in-depth knowledge in Marketing, rich experience in management.

  • 2003 to 2013  Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Bengaluru, India agreed and signed an MoU for 10 years with Indian Model Makers managed by  P. R. Narasimha Guptha to set up and run a retail outlet within their campus for selling Science Kits, Aero-models, Space Models, Telescopes, Binoculars, Souvenirs, Educational items, Hobby kits, Toys etc

As an Aeromodeller and R/C  Model Flying Teacher :- P. R. Narasimha Guptha is a keen practitioner and a teacher of model airplane flying. He has been teaching keen students for the past 15 years with proven track record, hands on experience on latest technology.

P. R. Narasimha Guptha was instrumental in setting up their e-commerce business and website

For more information please contact him on 0091 (0) 80 25210448 or write him an email at Narasimha.Guptha@indianmodelmakers.com

1. ARYABHATTA SATELLITE MODEL SCALE 1:2                                                                                                                              








7. IRS-1C Satellite Model with Internal & External Details Scale 1:5


8. IRS-1B Satellite Model with Internal & External Details Scale 1:10

9.  INSAT -2 Satellite  Model with Internal & External Details Scale 1:10


1. High Wing Model & Scale Model