Zephyr Blix Power Screw

Brand: Zephyr
Product Code: 60087
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How to play: 

  • Step by Step fix the spare parts with help of non toxic plastic connector and patti & dismantle with the help of Remover Tool as given in the manual.
  • Assemble accordingly the whole process & zoom around your house with it.


Educational Benefits: 

  • Knowledge: Teaches about art of designing and quick construction.
  • Creativity: Unleash your creativity with more imaginative models
  • Reasoning: Easy to handle , fix & unbreakable. Learns basics techniques of constructing mechanix instrument / tools.


Package Content:

  • 7 Model
  • 208 pieces
  • High Powered Motorised Gearbox(Newly added)
  • Power Screw Mechanism for linear motion of the motor (Newly added)
  • 2 way switch
Brand Zephyr
Code 60087
Product Name Blix Power Screw
Material Plastic
Age 7+Years
Type Construction
Box Dimensions 48cm x 32cm x 6cm
Batteries Not Included

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