King Archer Bow & Arrow

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  • Stance:- Stand perpendicular to the line to the Target, with feet naturally a part
  • Bow Hold:- Make sure the now can swing freely after the arrow is shot. The bow should be placed between the  thumb and index finger, which form AV Shape.
  • Nocking:-If you hold the bow with your left  hand, You need to nock the arrow in the crook of your left arm,  and then set the arrow shaft on the arrow rest, with the index feather of the arrow and the bowstring forming a correct angle. Make sure the bowstring and the now of the the arrow firmly held together.
  • Drawing:- Draw the nowstring with the three fingers. The upper two fingers should slightly hold the end of the arrow at the same time. Pull the bowstring backward till the right hand reaches the proper anchor point. Make sure the right hand always reaches the same anchor point. This plays a great part in aiming and hitting the target.
  • Aiming:- Aim on instinct or with the help of the sight on the bow. If you want to aim on instinct, you should open both eyes and aim at the target. If sight is used, Point the pin of the sight at the target before releasing the bowstring.
  • Release:- Make sure the bowstring has been fully drawn. Also remember to take a deep inhale before drawing and hole your breath lightly let go  the three fingers holding the arrow to release the bow string.
  • Follow Through:- To show accurately you need to hold the release position until the arrow is safely launched onto the target. This is a important point for good shooting.


  • 1 Bow
  • 3 Arrows


  • Please do not disassembly or remove in person. Do not point at people or animals when shooting to pretend accident. 
  • Or not at your preil
  • Warning! Do not aim at eyes or face
  • Assembly by an adult."
  • There are hazards of using missiles other than those supplied or recommended by the manufacture

Brand King Archer
Code 9822-1
Product Name Bow & Arrow
Material Plastic
Age 8+
Color Multicolour
Product Dimensions 90.5cm x 32cm x 5cm (Approximate size)

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