Marbles Four Square

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To be the first to make five marbles of the same color in a row by placing and turning.


The game starts with an empty game board platform. The game board platform consist s of the four turntables squares. The starting player places a marble in a socket/hole of his or her choice in any four squares. After placing a marble the player has to turn any one of the four squares by one notch (90degress) clockwise or anti clockwise, a square not necessarily the one on which the marble is placed.

Then the second player (turn wise) places a marble and turns a square. The play goes on until either of the players becomes the first to form five marbles of his owncolor in row and wins the game.

The row can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal and run over two or three squares. If a player makes five in a row after placing a marble he or she does not need to turn a square. If it all the socket/ holes have been filled without any player making five in a row the game is a draw. If both player get five in a row as a player turns a square, the game is also a draw.


  • A game board platform with four square.
  • 36 glass marbles of two colours.
Brand Marbles Toys & Games
Code 006
Product Name Four Square
Material Plastic & Marbles
Age 6 to 99 Years
Type Puzzle
Box Dimensions 25.0cm x 25.0cm x 5.0cm

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