Imagi Make Mapology Worlds Largest Countries Foam Map Puzzle

Brand: Imagi Make
Product Code: 60260
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A unique and fun foam puzzle to learn Top 25 countries in the world
All country pieces are cut in the shape of the country as per political map and snugly fit with each other to create the World Map
Rank the countries as per the size using the rank stickers and instructions
Entertaining for all ages and helps improve geographical knowledge
Contains: 3pc Foam Puzzle Frame set o 25 Country Pieces o Rank Stickers o Instruction Slip

  • 1 Foam Puzzle
  • Country Pieces
  • Sticker Set
  • Instructions
  • 28Pcs
Brand Imagi Make
Code 60260
Product Name Mapology World's Largest Countries
Material Foam
Age 5Years
Product Dimensions 23" x 11" (Approximate Size)
Box Dimensions 30cm x 22cm x 4cm

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