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The object is to list, within the time limit, as many correct words as possible. Words are formed from the assortment of letters arranged in the cube tray.

Each Player must have a pencil and paper. Drop the letter cubes into the dome of the shaker – tray and place the yellow cube tray, grid and side down, Over the dome. Turn the shaker – tray over and shake up the cubes, moving the tray so that the cubes fall into place between the section of the grid. When the players are ready to begin. One player removes the dome and, at the same time, another players starts the timer.

The moment the timer is started each player looks at the assortment of letters on top of the cubes and searches for words of not less than three letters appearing on more than one players list must be crossed of all lists where it appears, including the list of the reader. After all players have read their lists each player totals the number of words which are not crossed out on his sheet. He receives one point for each word. If any of this words consists of five or more letters he receives bonus points.


  • The Equipment Includes Sixteen letter cubes
  • Shaker Tray
  • Sand Timer
Brand Virgo Toys
Code 40239
Product Name Word Perfect
Material Plastic
Age 4+Years
Type Educational Games
Box Dimensions 22cm x 12cm x 7.0cm

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