Shifu Safari

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Shifu Safari flashcards range is the simplest learning tool one can integrate in a child’s academic instruction. Safari flashcards creates a 4-dimensional play experience for your child, keeping him engaged for long. Fusing the physical & digital worlds through AR technology, our 60-series flashcard game entails the following classifications of animals: Terrestrial, Reptiles, Aquatic, Aerial, Extinct and Fantasy.

It replicates the real-time experience of animals living in their natural habitat, food habits, distinctive sounds and way of living, thus creating a 3D-jungle on the screen.

Shifu Safari:-

Play with animals in their natural habitat - sounds, foods, & puzzles with 60 flash cards. Comes with a carry pouch and device stand.

Device Compatibility:-

  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad mini 1 and above
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • Android devices with minimum 2 GB RAM


  • 60 Vehicle Flashcards
  • Tablet or Mobile Stand
  • Carry Pouch

Brand Shifu
Code 98208
Product Name Shifu Safari
Age 2-10Yrs
Type Educational Games Mobile Based
Box Dimensions 29.0m x 20cm x 6cm

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