Peacock Castle JR

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One of the most important aspects in the development of the child is having the right type of toy to play with.

The basic scores in a toy are: Besides making sure that they are safe and Durable, the parent must also make sure that they are Educational Creative, Stimulative & Imaginative.

Every child is curious by nature and to stimulate this, we have used colours intelligently. The basic colours used in our blocks are Red, Brown,Grey , Dark Grey ,Black & White etc.  Blocks stimulate the imagination which in turn facilities creativity, action and thereby happiness. While playing the child is able to sort and select different pieces. While evaluating it helps in reasoning and rectifying and changes in the design. While doing so the child continuously uses his intellectuality and develops the same until the whole structure is ready.

Since the toy plays an important role in a child’s development, we urge you to give your child one, and every time you give, give the best.


  • 450Pieces Interlocking Pieces
  • A step by step Instructions
Brand Peacocok
Code 60524
Product Name Castle JR
Material Plastic
Age 6+
Color Multi colour
Type Building Blocks
Box Dimensions 37cmx25cmx5cm

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