Ekta The Young Scientist -2

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Amaze & Surprise your friends with coolest science experiments!

This set is a imaginative as its fascinating. Young Scientists shape magnetic fields, construct a magna doodle,  delve into magnets using magnetic fiels, lodestones, iron fillings, explore static electricity by suing  balloons, create sparks, bend water, have hair raising experience, make cereal jump, learn about tornadoes, clouds, evaporation, condensation, and  precipitation, make clouds in a jar, recreate the water cycle. That all will keep young scientists captivated for hours.


  • Iron Fillings
  • 2 Ceramic ring Magnets
  • 1 Horseshoe Magnet
  • 1 Bar Magnet
  • 4 Pieces of Card Board
  • 3 Pins
  • A Plastic Bag
  • Modelling Clay
  • Dish
  • 2 Pieces of tubing
  • Lodestone
  • 2 Balloons
  • String
  • Comb
  • Anti-Static Sheet
  • Piece of Nylon
  • Piece of Felt
  • Cereal
  • Pie
  • Tin
  • Ruler
  • Plate
  • Piece of Card Board
  • Black Piece of construction paper
  • Sponge and 3 Guide books of Magnetism, Static Electricity and Clouds Colour & content may vary from illustration.
Brand EKTA
Code 52017
Product Name The Young Scientist-2
Age 8+ Years
Box Dimensions 35.5cm x22.5cm x5.0cm

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