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Explore the Spectacular World of Science!
Made Easy the Practical Way!

Get "Charged" with "Energy" as you travel through the exciting secrets of the day to day usage of electricity around you.

What is a short circuit ? Why is electricity a powerful and dangerous force ? Read electrical diagrams ! Experiment with thunder and lightning ! These and many more activities made easy the practical way will help you to master the science of electricity.

Included in the set are 35 booklets on various projects on electricity along with a number of accessories and aids for exploring the fascinating world of science. The Discover Science Series from "United Toys" introduces a whole new dimension for children to learn and understand the exciting world in which we live, creating an effective educational aspect for use in schools and at home


  • Project Booklet.
  • 35Science Projects.
  • 6Volt Bulb.
  • Electric Wire.
  • Aluminium Foil and More
Brand United Toys
Code 600277
Product Name Electricity
Age 8+ Years
Box Dimensions 28.0cmx23.0cm x5.0cm

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