Smart Tumbler-Tiger (Sound and Light)

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The tumbler swings back and forth and helps babies to train the agility of their eyes. Tumbler ring, sway and sway but never fall!

When you see your baby is learning the new skills, it is worthy that you play with him and give him some help to train the coordination of his eyes and ears. Lovely and vivid models and pure shapes and enlighten babies perception of the nature. While playing, Babies come to know about the pure shapes and be sensitive to to sounds.  Bright colours and different sounds arouse babies curiosity intensively, which helps the growth of baby eyes and ears.


  • Made by NonToxic Materials
  • Innoxious & Secure
Code 101-10
Product Name Smart Tumbler Sound and Light
Material Plastic
Age 6 Months +
Color Mult-Colour
Packing Window Box
Product Dimensions 15.0cm x 12.0cm 10.0cm (Approximate size)
Battery 3 Nos Button Cell Battery Included

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