Ekta 6-in-1 Solar Kit- Sereis-2

Brand: Ekta
Product Code: 52529
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Build your own powered models includes model solar robot, windmill, helicopter, skateboat, three wheeler & plane.

Solar energy has never been so fun! Build 6 different mini solar robotic toys that are both fun to play with and educational. The kit uses different snap-together parts to build 6 different working models-including an solar robot, windmill, plane, helicopter, skate boat and three wheeler. This kit is best choice for kids, which develop their intelligence, mental ability and faith in protecting the environment by using natural resources (Sun Energy). An excellent beginner building kit designed to teach kids about solar energy in a fun way!

Creates 6 different working model
No batteries required
Powered using solar energy
Suitable for school science projects
Safe & Eco Friendly.


  • The product will not run on a cloudy day, shaded instructions, indirect sunlight, or under a fluorescent light
Brand Ekta
Code 52529
Product Name 6-in-1 Solar kit
Material Plastic
Age 8+Years
Box Dimensions 32.0cm x 26.0cm x 5.0cm

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