Ekta The Young Scientist-3

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This set is an imaginative as it is fascinating. The Young Scientists create a star fact book, construct a constellation box, make a telescope, create planet fact book, make a poster of our solar system, discover the planets by creating a mobile of the solar system, explore gravity, momentum, centrifugal force, and Newton's three laws of motions! That all  will keep young scientists captivated for hours.


  • 25note cards
  • 2 metal rings
  • red cellophane
  • rubber band
  • 2 sheets of star chart
  • 2 magnifying glass
  • black paint
  • a piece of poster board
  •  2 pieces of black construction paper
  • various pieces of coloured paper
  • chalk
  • ruler
  •  marble
  • 2 toys cars
  •  piece of sand paper
  • 2 straws
  • small plasitc ball
  • balloon
  • long piece of string
  • short piece of string
  • clothespin
  • paper clip
  • 7 round coins & 3 guide books of stars, planets and forces.
Brand Ekta
Product Name The Young Scientist-3
Age 8+Years
Box Dimensions 35.5cm x22.5cm x5.0cm

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