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High tech gyroscope with 2 poseable action figures that can balance as it spins. No battery required.

Mega Gyro contains small parts, it is not  suitable for children 3 years old.

Refrain playing on fragile surface, i.e, glass surface. The rotor is made of die-cast Zinc alloy, which is somewhat heavy. It might break the glass when the gyro tips from the perch.

When you stack two  gyros (if you possess two sets) together, make sure the rotors are spinning in same direction. CW or CCW. Occasionally,  you might find the gyro vibrates vigorously, especially when it spins without figures. You can place few sheets of paper underneath the perch to reduce the noise and vibration.

You can also rest the gyro on the alien figure should be fully  extended, the joint of elbow should be positioned where upon forearm would not flip up.

This set contents:-

  • Gyroscope
  • 2 aliens
  • stand
  • Puller


Gyroscopes are very perplexing objects because they move in peculiar ways and even seem to defying gravity. These special properties make advanced navigation system on the space shuttle. A typical airplane uses about a dozen groscopes in everything from its compass to its autopilot. The Russian Mir space station used 11 gyroscopes to keep its orientation to the sun, and the Hubble Space Telescope has a batch of navigational gros as well.

 Gyroscopic effects are also central to things like yo-yos and Frisbees!

 This toy gyroscope can perform interesting tricks. It can balance on a string or a finger; it can resist motion about the spin axis in very odd ways; but the most interesting effect is called precession. This is the gravity-defying part of a gyroscope.


 The effect of all this is that, once you spin a gyroscope, it axle wants to keep pointing in the same direction. If you mount the gyroscope on a set of gimbals so that it can continue pointing in the same direction, it will. This is the basis of the gyrocompass.

 If you mount two gyroscopes with their axles at right angles to one another on a platform, and place the platform inside a set of gimbals, the platform will remain completely rigid as the gimbals rotate in any way they please. This is this basis of inertial navigation systems (INS).

 In an INS, sensors on the gimbals’ axles detect when the platform rotates. The INS uses those signals to understand the vehicle’s rotations relative to the platform. If you add to the platform a set of three sensitive accelerometers, you can tell exactly where the vehicle is heading and how its motion is changing in all three directions. With this information, an airplane’s autopilot can keep the plane on course, and a rocket’s guidance system can insert the rocket into a desired orbit.

 We acknowledge with thanks Mr. C.A.Prabhakar, Manager Mechanical IRS-PMO, and ISAC for providing above information to us

Note:- This product comes in 3 different colours subject to availability of Colours we will dispatch this Product


Brand Benjamin
Code H801
Product Name Mega Gyro
Material Plastic
Age 10+Years
Packing Blister Packing
Blister Packing Dimensions 25.0cm x 18.0cm x 10.0cm

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