Solar Tree Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid

Brand: Solar Tree
Product Code: 97562
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Energy saving, Through fc component salt into electricity, Then the drive motor spider crawling forward.

Powered By Salt Water

Children may be awesome and scary to this direct but simple eight-feet reptile animal. After the fuel battery is activated by the Salted Water, the metal magnesium plate (3Pcs) can successively provide  the spider with 4-6 hours of power. Due to it is too real-like, the player may stop it during the time playing. You can simply remove the fuel battery module and just clean it with running water, hang and dried it. All the material applied on this toy are environment-friendly, safe and clean. There is no any other toxic substance or waste. It won't produce heat as well, which makes it absolutely safe for the children.

Brand Solar Tree
Code 97562
Product Name Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid
Material Plastic
Age 10+Years
Box Dimensions 31cm x26cm x 5cm

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