Ekta 6-in-1 Super Solar Recycler

Brand: Ekta
Product Code: 52888
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Eco- Friendly & Educational No Batteries Required

Recycle, Rcharge & Rebuild

6-in-1 Super Solar Recycled Robotics Kit teaches kids about solar energy and recycling as they build fun, eco-friendly mechanical toys! Each project incorporates something recylced from home- a plastic bottle, old CDs or an aluminum can--- and runs on natural light, with no batteries required!

Reusable parts for building a race car,  walking robot, flying bird and more. Let's have our children play in an eco-friendly way, and learn to harness a new green solar energy source as well as implement the use of recylced materials.

  • Solar Panel
  • Motor
  • Instructions

Brand Ekta
Code 52888
Product Name 6-in-1 Super Solar Recycler
Material Plastic
Age 8+Years
Box Dimensions 34.0cm x 24.0cm x 5.0cm

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