Ekta 3-IN-1 Doodling Robot

Brand: Ekta
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A creative robot with mechanical and scientific powers! This is new futuristic robot can doodle a picture while vibrating and demonstrate energetic spinning powers.

  • Build a robot that's an artist! Doodle robot's motor makes it shake and spin to draw spectacular patterns on paper.
  • Remove the pens from the body and it's a coll vibro robot that slides across smooth surfaces.
  • A great lesson in model building, basic mechanics, and basic robotics.


  • 1 base plate
  • 1 transparent cover
  • 1motor with switch
  • 1 motor cover
  • 1 weight
  • 3 arm supports
  • 12 pen holders
  • 3 arms ends
  • 3 libration brush
  • 3 bolts
  • 1 switch cover
  • 3 felt-tip pens
  • screw, nuts and detailed instructions
Brand Ekta
Product Name 3-IN-1 Doodling Robot
Age 8+Years
Box Dimensions 31.5cm x 26.0cm x5.0cm

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