Annie Kiddy Microscope

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Age 10+ Maginification  100X * 200X * 450X . Microscope Height : 200mm . Up and down height : 15mm A apparatus used in biology or chemistry lab. This is used in labs to see the objects that are too small for naked eyes. This optical microscope which have its own power source uses the combination of lenses to magnify the objects. The kit contains microscope, 4blank slides , 1 prepared slide , plastic ware and 2 collection bottles for collecting the specimens . So just starting collecting the specimens from your surrounding and observe and study it under the microscope.    


  • One Microscope
  • Four Blank Slides
  • One Prepared Slide
  • Plasticaare
  • Tweezar
  • Blank Labels
  • Two Collection Bottles


  • Careful use and regular maintenance is necessary

Brand Annie
Code 40110
Product Name Kiddy Microscope
Material Plastic
Age 10+Years
Magnification (x) 100X , 200X , 450X
Box Dimensions 32cm x 24cm x 9cm
Batteries Not Included

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