Dragon Saturn V Apollo 13 MIssion Rocket Scale 1/400

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Saturn  V rockets were launched 13 times from 1967-73 during NASA's Skylab and Apollo Programmes. During that time the rockets performed extremely well, with not a single loss of a crewman or payload occuring. The Saturn V , Consisting of three stages that used liquid oxygen (LOX) as an oxidizer, was the largest version of the Saturn family.  So it was that a Saturn V rocket launched the Apollo 13 mission into space at 13:13 on 11 April 1970, with this expected to be the third Moon landing.

In a take off incident, the center engine of the second-stage boost shut down two minutes early through the four outboard engines compensated by burning for longer. Neverthless, the Saturn V rocket performed as designed and the craft soared into space. However, misfortune struck two days later at a distance of 320,000km from Earth. An oxygen tank explosion in the Service Module crippled the spacecraft and severed electrical supplies. In  an amazing tale of heroism and ingenuity, the tree-man crew used the Lunar Module as "Lifeboat " and they successfully returned to Earth on 17 April.


  • Highly Detailed
  • Highly Collectible
  • High Quality Diecast Construction

Brand Dragon
Code 56215
Product Name Saturn V Apollo 13 MIssion Rocket Scale 1/400
Material Die Cast Metal / Plastic
Age 14+years
Color White/Black
Type Space Craft & Launch Vehicles
Scale 1:400
Packing Window Box
Product Dimensions Approximate Size Length 11"
Display Base Included
Release Date May2010

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