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Welcome to the Universe! A Part of  this universe is our solar system with the sun and the planets around it. With My Working Solar system, learn the positions of the planets in our solar system.

First , you paint the planets and the sun as per their appearance using the paints given.

Then, you assemble the entire set like you assemble a puzzle. The kit helps cultivating intelligence and innovation through creative activities.

Kit Includes:-

  • Full Set of 3-Dimensional Solar System Plastic Planets (Snap to Build No Glue Needed)
  • 1 Set Stand and Rotating Arms
  • 9 Steel Bars
  • 6 Colours Paints
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 Sand Paper
  • 1 Saturn Ring Template etc.,


Brand Brands
Code 69312
Product Name My Working Solar System
Material Plastic/Metal
Age 5+
Box Dimensions 35cm x 24cm x 5cm

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