Dr.Mady's Tumbling Robot

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Product Code: 1687
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Tumbling Robot can walk! No matter how many falls and stumbles. Tumbling Robot gets up without any help How does Tumbling Robot manoeuvre these complex motions? The secret is in its original mechanism.

Additonal Features Include:-

Kids can learn how to assemble a robot and also learn how series of gears can control the various motion and movements. The kit is designed in such a joyful manner that kids may show their interest about mechanical engineering.

Contents included:-

  • Head                                -1Pc
  • Arms                                -1Pc
  • Back                                 -1Pc
  • Hip Assembly                    -1Pc
  • Leg Sensor                       -1Pc
  • Chest                                -1Pc
  • Legs (Left and Right)        -1Pc
  • Sole of Feet                      -2Pcs
  • Pins                                   -3Pcs
  • Decals                               -1Pc
  • Battery Not Included

Brand Dr.Mady'S
Code 1687
Product Name Tumbling Robot
Material Plastic
Age 6+
Box Dimensions 35cm x 23cmx6.5cm

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