Dr.Mady's Electronics Circuit Building Block 59 Projects

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Learn About  Different Circuit making concept, Functionality of different electronics components, Application of different electronic circuits.


  • To develop the initial knowledge of electronics circuits
  • To identify the electronics components and their functions

You Will Understand:-

  • Learn about series & Parallel connection and switching circuit
  • Know basic concept of circuit making

Some Project List:-

  • Magnetic Control Fan
  • Bi directional LED Switch
  • Magnetic control siren
  • Magnetic Control Motor
  • Press switch to control the optical fiber tree
  • Siren and Lamp
  • Bidirectional LED and Siren
  • Optical Fiber Tree and Siren
  • Press switch to control the siren and bidirectional LED
  • Magnetic Control LED & Bidirectional LED in Series connection
  • Magnetic control LED
  • Press switch to control siren

Brand Dr.Mady's
Code 1092
Product Name Electronics Circuit Building Block 59 Projects
Age 6+
Box Dimensions 29cm x 22cm x 7cm

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