Toys Box Tumbling Joker

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Product Code: 91998
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Tumbling Joker is a great that mixes logic with luck. The objective of the game is really simple. use your sticks intelligently to get your joker down to the bottom of the playing board. And makes sure he doesn't slip through while you are at it. It's fun, it's challenging and keeps you guessing with everyone.

Great to play with a friend or even alone! Get your joker in position and then get going!


  • Transparent playing Board with Holes
  • Plastic Base Stands
  • Plastic Holders
  • Blue Joker with 4 sticks
  • Yellow Joker with 4 sticks

Brand Toys Box
Code 91998
Product Name Tumbling Joker
Material Plastic
Age 5Years
Product Dimensions 30cm x 2cm x 4 cm (Approximate size)
Box Dimensions 33cmx24cmx5.5cm

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